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longeva is transforming the hotel guest room, the spa treatment room and the home bedroom into sanctuaries of sleep wellness and luxury.


The J.D. Power North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index Study found that sleep quality is one of the most important aspects of a hotel experience, yet only 29 percent of guests report having better-than-expected slumber.


We sleep less because we stress more. Longeva is an ideation through execution team on a mission to flip that dynamic. Our integrated bedtime experiences are disguised as luxuriously fun to use, while being deceptively effective, maybe even life-changing practices. Led by sleep wellness pioneer Robert Michael deStefano's range of best-of-class amenities, technology and spa services that transform the TV into a potent sleep machine, the guest room into a botanical night spa and the spa into a launching pad of sleep wellness that knows no borders or boundaries.  We customize all of this to fit seamlessly into your brand.  

"Still, the best part about the  program is that it teaches you an easily adoptable plan to develop good sleep habits that stick with you long after your stay."
Jennifer Kester, Executive Editor, Forbes Travel Guide
The category leader in sleep wellness programs and
products for the destination spa, resort and hotel industry. 

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"Robert Michael deStefano (Longeva founder) is the sleep guru." Susie Ellis, Global Wellness Initiative. 

"... other options are more all encompassing, Longeva, for example, recently launched a sleep wellness initiative called Project Z. This is a curated comprehensive, and  customizable program that includes botanical sleep therapy skincare products, sleep music therapy, workshops and seminars, and treatments, all designed to help break the cycle of sleeplessness."

American Spa Magazine

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