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Longeva Executives

Robert Michael deStefano,
Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer, Director of Wellness Programming 

Prior to beginning his sleep wellness mission, Robert had a successful career in advertising, winning many of the industry's prestigious creative awards while building a $100+ million business. Durning that period Robert developed near-debilitating, chronic insomnia. After selling his firm in 2001, Robert began his pursuit to manage stress and improve his health. His studies in ancient arts of relaxation, modern sleep science and cognitive behavioral therapy ultimately informed the creation of a self-help ritual that ended his insomnia while also providing the basis for his much in-demand sleep wellness workshops, and his reputation as "The Sleep Guru" (SpaFinder Magazine). A talented, natural sleep aid architect, Robert created the Nocturnals Botanical Sleep Therapy formula, The Ritual Sleep Massage, the clinically studied Ritual Sleep Music Therapy composition and the NightSPA Sleepcare-Skincare line of products. Robert's "Project Z, The Sleep Wellness Initiative" - is a platform dedicated to the recruitment of the Spa Industry to take the lead in shifting the sleep paradigm.


Hasti is a passionate person who loves wellness, skincare, science and her dog Phoebe. Her B.A. in Biology from The George Washington University, and completion of a rigorous specialized biological sciences post-baccalaureate at The University of Pennsylvania is evident in her precise, no nonsense approach to research, product development, and education. Hasti's in depth understanding of a multitude of subjects, ranging from organic chemistry and cell biology to the biological basis of cancers is at the core of her unique education programs. Her background in Risk Analytics and Regulatory Control at Barclays Capital comes through in her prudent management skills to keep our accounts well-serviced and growing. Hasti's diverse background in competitive and demanding fields pushes her to deliver strong, passionate education and training sessions, with a keen sense of detail and execution as an account director. 

Hasti Nazem
Co-Founder, Director, 
Accounts Services & Education 
Tara Nader 
Founder, Chief Inspirational Officer. 

Tara Nader lived the life she worked hard to build; great family, successful business and terrific health.

Then, on the day after her 48th birthday, Tara was diagnosed with advanced stage breast cancer. Aggressive treatment left Tara’s skin painfully burnt and blistered. Prescription and OTC drugs worsened the situation.

Tara found relief by turning to the natural healing traditions of her Mediterranean heritage, bringing to life an exotic healing potion made from pure, ancient oils. This oil, wellness-driven, launched Longeva. Tara is an agent of change, committed to helping people live better - especially those who are experiencing the complicated transition from patient to survivor. Many of these people attempt to re-enter their old lives only to discover that their journey now has different visions, hopes and dreams. Today, Tara has turned her day-to-day focus from Longeva to bringing to life "From Survive to Thrive" - a charitable mission designed to help fund new found visions, hopes and dreams for the cancer survivor.. For more information please click here.


All Longeva products are manufactured in America under the strictest, fully certified laboratory standards. All ingredients are natural, paraben and PEG free. All fragrances are natural, essential oil derived. Never tested on animals. The company offers a one-of-a-kind wellness focus that wraps purposeful skincare products with wellness/lifestyle practices.  

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