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We have a term for what our mission is ...

"Care Capitalism". Loosely described, it means the act and art of building a sustain- able and profitable company with the committed intent of turning our bottom line into a resource to help others that need help. We will accomplish this two ways. Today, bottle-by-bottle, donating a portion of each sale to cancer research, and someday soon, through a beautifully unique concept; “Project SurTHRIVE” The mission of Project SurTHRIVE is to “Turn Survive into Thrive” - more specifically, to help cancer survivors realize their dreams by being a business resource and finance engine to help incubate new careers, fuel new passions and create new meanings. All too often, after a woman makes her way through the ordeal of cancer treatment, she finds herself marginalized in the workplace. She might have lost her job due to a sustained period of disability. Or more importantly, she may simply want to fulfill a lifelong dream. Project SurTHRIVE will be there to help. Over the course of 2016 we will refine our programs and significantly fund the foundation so that its reach will be broad and wide. We’re looking for real life experiences, positive contribution and help. Please join us! 


Interested? Please contact us at

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