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15 sleep-inducing botanical extracts ... clinically-studied effective  'gold--standard' of sleep music therapy and step-by-step expert coaching.

An amazing box full of moonlight magic and bedtime bliss

The DreamKit : Spa, Guest Room, Home

The DreamKit is the complete better-sleep, self-care package that is perfect for a corporate gift, a spa treatment bundle, or an honor bar sale. This one-of-a-kind kit makes every night a blissful spa experience for your guests - helping them master the beautiful art of preparing the body, mind and spirit for deep, natural sleep - all the tools, skills and inspiration needed are in the DreamKit

Here's what's in the DreamKit

The Ritual Guidebook.


Included in every DreamKit™ is The Sleep Ritual Guidebook© by Robert Michael deStefano. This illustrated book presents a stress-releasing and sleep-inducing nightly practice that most anyone can do to prepare their body, mind and spirit for sleep. From demystifying sleep to stick-to-it motivation to easy-to-understand skills instruction, this guide is a breakthrough in sleep wellness. 

The Sleep Ritual Music© CD and Download. 


Included in every DreamKit is a streaming access link to The Sleep Ritual Music©. This sixty minute recording is the gold standard of sleep music - the only sleep music with clinically proven effectiveness.


The tranquil melody progressively shifts the overactive mind from the brain waves associated with stress and worrisome thoughts to the meditative brain waves of Stage One sleep. Clinically proven to reduce the time it takes to fall asleep by 60%. No hypnotic or subliminal messages. 



• Anoint Trigger Point Sleep Serum™, 1oz.

• Sanctify Super Dewy Dream Cream™, 2oz.

• Dream Mist Face, Body, Pillow Spray™, 4oz.


The DreamKit Beauty Sleep Ritual Kit 

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For more information CLICK HERE

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The category leader in sleep wellness programs and
products for the destination spa, resort and hotel industry. 

"... other options are more all encompassing, Longeva, for example, recently launched a sleep wellness initiative called Project Z.

This is a curated comprehensive,and 

customizable program that includes botanical sleep therapy skincare products, sleep music therapy, workshops and seminars, and treatments, all designed to help break the cycle of sleeplessness."

American Spa Magazine

"Certainly you are on to 

something big and I will recommend your system

with any future projects." 

Kate Mearns, 5 Spa Consulting,

Former Chair ISPA

"I think it's timely and brilliant."

Lynn Curry, CMC, Resources for Leisure Assets, LLC

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