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Your meeting group guests can now take home more than the memory of a good meeting. 

 Sleep deprivation and job performance studies conducted by major hospital and health organizations have shown an association between insomnia and decreased work productivity. Studies have conclusively demonstrated that employees with chronic sleep loss have more health insurance claims, a higher rate of accidents,  miss more days of work, and often, when at work, are in a state of ‘presenteeism’- there in body but not fully in mind.  

• Our sleep themed programming immerses your meeting attendees in transformational sleep-success strategies, practices and products designed by the leading innovator of sleep welllness programs for hotels.

• Can be customized to perfectly fit the group’s needs and budget - cost TBD.


• Touchpoints:             


- Group interactive sleep-success workshops         - Spa treatments with take home DreamKit     

- Customized room drops / gift bags                       - In-room massages


For more information on creating a customized sleep wellness installation for your hotel and spa please click here

Not a business-to-business professional? Visit

The category leader in sleep wellness programs and
products for the destination spa, resort and hotel industry. 

"... other options are more all encompassing, Longeva, for example, recently launched a sleep wellness initiative called Project Z.

This is a curated comprehensive,and 

customizable program that includes botanical sleep therapy skincare products, sleep music therapy, workshops and seminars, and treatments, all designed to help break the cycle of sleeplessness."

American Spa Magazine

"Certainly you are on to 

something big and I will recommend your system

with any future projects." 

Kate Mearns, 5 Spa Consulting,

Former Chair ISPA

"I think it's timely and brilliant."

Lynn Curry, CMC, Resources for Leisure Assets, LLC

Sponsor & Presenter
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