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Salvation Facial for Sensitive Skin 
Maximum, deep-dermal, collagen-stimulating, healing nourishment for stressed, troubled and sensitive skin. 

You are what you eat and the same goes for the skin. We know that the Mediterranean diet is great for our health. Now your guests can experience the ultimate Mediterranean diet for the skin. 


In this blissful healing and rejuvenating facial, nanoparticle colloidal gold and pure saffron extract join pure and natural Mediterranean healing extracts, and rich, natural emollients to pump a full spectrum of skin wellness-boosting omega acids into the epidermis - locking in moisture and firming the skin by maintaining collagen in the skin and inhibiting the breakdown of elastin. 


The Salvation Sensitive Skin Facial is gentle yet potent and effective for most skin types, especially for those with rosacea and other inflammatory skin issues.  


Healing and Nourishing Extracts used in this facial. 


Amaranth: High concentration of palmitic acid, oleic acid (omega 9), linoleic acid (omega 6) squalene, and tocopherol (vitamin E) to maintain healthy skin barrier to improve elasticity and plump skin.


Anise: Combination of omega 6 and 9 to maintain healthy skin barrier to improve elasticity and plump skin.


Argan: Squalene, omega 6, and vitamin E components to retain strong natural skin barrier to protect skin from harsh environmental factors.


Black seed: Omega 6 and GLA work to nourish and protect skin to smooth, plump, and fill fine lines.


Borage: High in GLA to trap moisture in the skin and maintain balanced, toned skin.


Grapeseed: High concentration of beta carotene, palmitic, stearic, linoleic acids, as well as vitamins D, C, and E to detoxify, brighten, and nourish.


Pomegranate: Potent essential fatty acid combinations to reduce inflammation, detoxify, moisturize, and soothe.


Sea Buckthorne: Powerful combination of omegas 3, 6, 7, 9, and vitamins E and A to strengthen dermis, clear blemishes, while tightening and toning skin.


Gossypium Herbaceum: over 50% omega 6 fatty acid concentration to serve as strong emollient and conditioning agent for the skin.


Perilla seed: High essential fatty acid content acting as carrier oil to ensure deepdermal anti-inflammatory and nourishing action to plump and tighten skin from the inside out.


Quinoa: High in essential fatty acids and vitamin A to combat blemishes, maintain even, smooth skin tone, and retain moisture. 

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