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When blissful sleepcare

meets luxury skincare ...

The NightSpa™ Ritual Collection Featuring SleepCeuticals™

Spa, Retail & Prestige Turndown Products

The Beauty Sleep Secret. 

Introducing The NightSpa Ritual Collection featuring SleepCeuticals, the choice of the most discriminating skincare buyers in the world, spa directors, for use in their world-class spa treatment rooms.


From a blissful bath soak to a magical sleep serum, create that same luxurious spa feeling every night at bedtime with The NightSpa Ritual Collection. 

The SleepCeutical™ Super Skin Food Complex and Potent Natural Peptides


The NightSpa Ritual Collection featuring SleepCeuticals has perhaps the deepest deck of active ingredients on the market - powered by our exclusive SleepCeutical™ Super Skin Food Complex - a near endless buffet of rich, essential fatty acids and skin-critical vitamins, plus a broad, potent package of natural peptide workhorses.  All ingredients are natural, vegan, paraben and PEG free and NEVER tested on animals.

The SleepCeutical™ SleepCare Complex

is formulated in every ritual product. 

Dreamy aromas of  Neroli, Bergamot, and Helichrysum join sleep-inducing extracts like Kava Kava, Valerian Root, California Poppy and St. John's Wort to make the SleepCeutical™ SleepCare Complex an intoxicating and unequaled super sleep blend - conceived by renown sleep guru Robert Michael deStefano and developed over a period of three years by his team of international, botanical extract experts.

The NightSpa Ritual Collection ... SleepCare that helps you sleep, and while you sleep, SkinCare that delivers all-night maximum nourishment,  repair and rejuvenation. Natural, clean, paraban-free, vegan, never tested on animals.


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For more information on creating a customized sleep wellness installation for your hotel and spa please click here

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The category leader in sleep wellness programs and
products for the destination spa, resort and hotel industry. 

"... other options are more all encompassing, Longeva, for example, recently launched a sleep wellness initiative called Project Z.

This is a curated comprehensive,and 

customizable program that includes botanical sleep therapy skincare products, sleep music therapy, workshops and seminars, and treatments, all designed to help break the cycle of sleeplessness."

American Spa Magazine

"Certainly you are on to 

something big and I will recommend your system

with any future projects." 

Kate Mearns, 5 Spa Consulting,

Former Chair ISPA

"I think it's timely and brilliant."

Lynn Curry, CMC, Resources for Leisure Assets, LLC

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