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March is National Sleep Awareness Month

Music can make you laugh, cry and want to dance. Our music will help you sleep.

The Sleep Ritual Music

The gold standard of 

sleep-inducing music

Used in the world's most exclusive spas, resorts, wellness centers, hospitals, major airlines and in homes like yours in 27 countries.

"National Sleep Month Special" Save 60% - Sale ends April 1, 2018

Just push play.


Created by nationally renown, natural sleep aid pioneer, Robert Michael deStefano - this sixty minute recording is the gold standard of sleep music therapy - clinically demonstrated to shift the overactive mind from the brain waves associated with stress and worrisome thoughts to the meditative brain waves of Stage One sleep. No gimmicks. No running water or recycled classical music. 100% originally composed music that will quickly become your soundtrack of peace, calm, and tranquility as the smooth and joyful melody guides your journey into deep sleep. 


The effectiveness of this recording  was tested in a clinical study with the following observations: 


* Time to fall asleep cut from an average of 63 minutes to average of less than 22 minutes.

* Sleep duration increased by more than 1.5 hours.

* Feeling tired during the day dropped from 85% of the participants to 30%.

* 75% of participants discontinued sleep drug use.


This music has been sold in twenty-seven countries and has been used in homes, hospitals, spas and on airlines. 

Sleep Awareness Month Special - Shop now - Save 60%* 

Download now ... sleep better tonight.

*Offer expires April 1, 2018 


"Belongs on every women's nightstand." Woman's Day 

"Simple as pushing play," Simple Magazine

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