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"Longeva is revolutionizing the spa industry."

Damien Craft, Spa Director, Ritz Carlton Bacara

You can empower better sleep from spa to home for your spa guests. Introducing The DreamKit Beauty Sleep Ritual

Massage Treatment and Take-Home Ritual Kit


It's a blissfully relaxing and releasing massage that inspires, educates and motivates.



It's a potent home bedtime ritual that shifts negative sleep behaviors and beliefs to positive ones, dissolves sleep barriers clearing the way for sleep to come naturally.



It's a transcendent mix of products used both in the treatment room massage ritual and the home ritual practice ... ranging from the clincally-studied gold-standard of sleep music to 'Sleepceuticals™' - a breakthrough line of serums, creams and mists immersed in 15 sleep-inducing botanical extracts and rich super skinfood nutrients. 


The Ritual is an integrative sleep-wellness program rooted in modern sleep science, the ancient arts of stress release and cognitive behavioral tactics, developed on the workshop floors of the world's most exclusive spas and wellness retreats over the past sixteen years by Longeva's Director of Wellness, nationally acclaimed natural sleep pioneer, Robert Michael deStefano 

"... other options are more all encompassing, Longeva, for example, recently launched a sleep wellness initiative called Project Z.

This is a curated comprehensive,and 

customizable program that includes botanical sleep therapy skincare products, sleep music therapy, workshops and seminars, and treatments, all designed to help break the cycle of sleeplessness."

American Spa Magazine

"Certainly you are on to 

something big and I will recommend your system

with any future projects." 

Kate Mearns, 5 Spa Consulting,

Former Chair ISPA

"I think it's timely and brilliant."

Lynn Curry, CMC, Resources for Leisure Assets, LLC

Sponsor & Presenter

longeva | wellness driven

The category leader in sleep wellness programs and
products for the destination spa, resort and hotel industry. 
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