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Robert Michael deStefano, Sleep Wellness Entrepreneur, Longeva Managing Director 

For the past twelve years Robert has been one of the country's leading voices on ending stress-induced insomnia. Robert has taught his better sleep method at some of the world’s most exclusive spas, resorts and wellness retreats. Robert’s work and unconventional approach has been covered by national networks, cable, magazines and newspapers. His compelling workshops range from general to women only, couples and athletes. His sleep aid innovations include breakthroughs in sleep music and sleep-inducing botanical blends. 


Robert's personal experience as a former chronic insomniac informed and inspired his prolific and innovative career in sleep wellness products and practices, which include the creation of Longeva's SleepCeutical line, The Sleep Ritual Massage, Sleep Ritual Music© and the nightly Sleep Ritual Home Version, all born from his in-demand, self-help, sleep wellness workshops. 

“Peel back the cover on sleep programs and more often than not you'll find Robert deStefano.”  CNN, ‘Workshops with the sleep guru.’ 

“Modern-Day Mr. Sandman” NPR 

“Robert deStefano is the sleep guru"  Susie Ellis, GWI


“I was skeptical at first but it really does help!” Stephanie Sandoval, ABC 


"The Expert" Sunset Magazine 

"The Sleep Visionary" - Healing Lifestyles & Spa 


“Highly Effective” - LA Times 


“Very Persuasive”  - Day Spa Magazine



"Sleep Sensation" - Home Spa Magazine



“The 'Sleep Whisperer' to the over-stressed and over-tired” - enRoute 


Sleep Wellness Workshops with Robert Michael deStefano

• General Session: ‘Go from Type A to Type Z’

• Couples:  ‘How to build a sleep sanctuary for lovers and others.’


• Women Only: ‘Turn off the worries and turn on the Zzzz.’


• Athletes: ‘Optimize your recovery by maximizing your sleep.’

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